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Be Careful Of Scams & Scammers

Dulce_Abuelita started this conversation
Be On The Alert--->Scammers Everywhere

I should know... someone emailed me and wanted to get 1000.00 in cash or I would be sued!
Yeah Right and Frogs Shave.

I did not fall off the Turnip Truck...(Like my Ol' Auntie would say)
So Be alert!

Links to info:,
Google--> Scams,Scammers and read for youselfs. Be informed

I know we can't live in protective shell and be scared all the time.But we can be informed and have open eyes to the reality*.

Take care,and Be Fair,Kind,But Don't let anyone push you around.
Dulce_Abuelita (who mostly lives in The Library!)

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